You're Invited to Passover!

5:00pm, March 29, at the Lighthouse Baptist Church building

All teens, young adults, and their immediate family members can participate. Please bring a dish to share that will feed at least 10-12 people. We also need a few generous people to bring a dessert 🙂

About the Seder
The Jewish Passover (Seder) is a celebration consisting of singing, Scripture reading, a game, and several other symbolic elements related to Jewish history. Therefore, it can last as long as three hours. The actual supper will not occur until over halfway through the Seder, so please eat a snack prior to your arrival.

Kosher Food Details
As you decide what food to bring and share, please make sure your dish is kosher. Kosher meats include beef, chicken, turkey, and fish with scales. Dairy products are kosher but traditionally cannot be eaten in the same meal with meat, so we will try to avoid dairy altogether. Finally, grains such as corn, beans, lentils, oats, and wheat are not allowed.

Refer to the list below of kosher foods. If you would rather purchase something instead of preparing something yourself, please make sure it is labeled as being kosher.

If in doubt, send us a message with what you would like to bring, and we’ll tell you if it is allowed 🙂

Examples of Kosher dishes:

  1. Brisket
  2. Deviled eggs
  3. Matzo ball soup
  4. Mixed fruit
  5. Leafy green salads (without cheese or seeds)
  6. Roasted vegetables (use oil, not butter)
  7. Diced or mashed potatoes (without butter)
  8. French fries
  9. Grilled, baked, or roasted chicken (without butter or flour)
  10. Grilled, baked, or roasted turkey (without butter or flour)
  11. Beef ribs (not pork ribs)
  12. Desserts made with coconut milk (not dairy)
  13. Fresh vegetables
  14. Hummus (for fresh vegetables)
  15. Fresh fruits
  16. Gluten-free cake (without dairy)
  17. Gluten-free brownies (without dairy)
  18. Avocado fudge
  19. Beef roast with potatoes and vegetables
  20. Mixed nuts
  21. Potato salad with kosher-certified mayo
  22. Fancy green beans (without butter)
  23. Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce (but no cheese)
  24. Grilled or roasted cabbage (use oil, not butter)
  25. Sweet and sour meatballs
  26. Quinoa salad

More great ideas can be found at this website: