I’m New!

I'm New

Lighthouse Baptist Church Welcomes You!

Whether visiting for the first time or returning again, it would be our privilege to have you attend Lighthouse Baptist Church. Your visit here is important to us. We're a group of common people who love the Lord and enjoy fellowship one with another. Our church can be a place for you - like a church family.

How should I come dressed?

Our church welcomes you as you are; we do not have a specific dress code for our services. Simply wear what is most comfortable for you! Some people come in casual dress, and some dress up! We have a little bit of everything.

What about my children?

Our church loves children too! Little children and infants are cared for in the nursery located upstairs. If you have young children and wish to keep them with you, you are also more than welcome to do that. During the Sunday morning and Sunday evening services, children are dismissed for their own class time.

Thinking about visiting?
Let us know so we can better assist you.

What is the morning worship service?

The morning worship service is the main service of Lighthouse Baptist Church. We have one service, starting at 10:45am. The service includes congregational singing, music ministry from various individuals, special reports from time to time, and preaching from the Word of God. Our songs are conservative in nature, and the preaching of God's Word is of an evangelistic nature. We trust you will enjoy the morning worship service and that your heart will be greatly blessed by being present for this special time.

What are Growth Groups?

Growth Groups are for teens and adults and begin at 9:45am.  Throughout the year, we offer several classes on a variety of topics. Sometimes everyone is together, and sometimes everyone is divided up into several smaller groups to encourage discussion as we study different subjects.

What about the Sunday night service?

The evening service on Sunday starts at 6:00pm.  This service is both a blessing and a challenge for those needing encouragement, help, and strength in their Christian life.

What is youth group?

On Sunday night at 6pm the teens meet together for their own time of learning, fellowship, and fun. This is a time for them intentionally focus on building relationships with other Christians their own age and talk about topics that are especially relevant to them because of the stage of life that they are in. On Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, the young people are with the adults in the Growth Groups and regular services.

What goes on Wednesday night?

Lighthouse Baptist Church has a Wednesday night service, which is our midweek prayer service. We provide supper at 5:45pm for anyone who wants to join us for a meal so that you do not have to prepare food at home before you come. The families in our church take turns making the meals from week to week so that there is no cost involved for those who come to eat.

At 6:45pm we begin our service. There is a brief prayer time as well, and oftentimes, people give testimonies of God's goodness and blessing. Children are separate from the adults so that they can have teaching that is geared more toward their age group.

What's the invitation?

The invitation is the last part of each Sunday service at Lighthouse Baptist Church. It is simply a time, if people so choose, to respond to what God has spoken to their heart about. This is done by coming forward and kneeling to pray. This time is important as people can make life-changing decisions that affect their life in a positive way for the Lord. It is at this time that you can request for someone to pray with you or make your decision for the Lord public. We have trained staff who would be happy to assist you during the invitation. The greatest need would be to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Please, come and visit us!

We trust by viewing our website, you feel more familiar with our ministry. We would love to have the opportunity to meet you and trust that your time at Lighthouse Baptist Church will be a warm, friendly, uplifting experience.

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