I’m New!

I'm New

Lighthouse Baptist Church Welcomes You!

Whether visiting for the first time or returning again, it would be our privilege to have you attend Lighthouse Baptist Church. Your visit here is important to us. We're a group of common people who love the Lord and enjoy fellowship one with another. Our church can be a place for you - like a church family.

How should I come dressed?

Our church welcomes you as you are; we do not have a specific dress code for our services. Simply wear what is most comfortable for you! Some people come in casual dress, and some dress up! We have a little bit of everything.

What about my children?

Our church loves children too! Little children and infants are cared for in the nursery located upstairs. If you have young children and wish to keep them with you, you are also more than welcome to do that. During the Sunday morning and Sunday evening services, children are dismissed for their own class time.

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