Upcoming Events


-5 (Sat.): 2:00pm- Wedding for Kevin England and Michelle Bjokne

-10-12 (Thu.-Sat.): Family Camp at Lighthouse
---Begins at 6:00pm on Thursday with supper
---Speakers- Dr. Greg and Ruth Huffman
---State meeting for Minnesota Baptist Association begins on Friday
---Ends at 12:15pm on Saturday with pizza party

-13 (Sun.): 10:00am- Dr. Greg Huffman

-27 (Sun.): 10am- Communion

Our monthly senior dinners are a wonderful opportunity for fellowship among the older members of our church family.


-3 (Sun): 10am- Sunday School Graduation

-10 (Sun.): Senior Dinner after Sunday School

-24 (Sun.): 10am- Honoring the Military Sunday
6pm- Communion

We commemorate the Lord's death by participating in communion once a month, typically during the morning service of the first Sunday.