Missionaries We Support

"Go ye into all the world..."

We are commanded in Scripture to make disciples of all nations. Although we are not all equipped to take the Gospel everywhere, we try to support others who do, both through prayer and finances. Maintaining good communication with our missionaries and staying updated on their ministries is important to us.


We support other churches and ministries right here in Minnesota.

GilbertsonsSteve & Priscilla Gilbertson – Woodbury, MN

Ministry: Church planting
Website: Resurrection Baptist Church


TaylorsPaul & Cheryl Taylor – Minneapolis, MN

Ministry: Church Planting
Website: Gospel Light Baptist Church


TronsonColleen Tronson - Women's Ministry

Ministry: Director at Metro Women's Center
Website: Metro Women's Center


Some of our supported missionaries serve in other states and we have one family church planting up in Ontario.

HarrisonDavid & Cathy Harrison – Hearing Impaired

Ministries: Evangelism and hearing loss health care
Website: Let My People Hear

RobinsonsDennis & Peggy Robinson – USA

Mission Agency: Continental Baptist Mission
Ministry: Church building


Mikesh FamilyRick & Jammie Lynn Mikesh – Beardmore, Ontario, Canada

Mission Agency: Biblical Ministries Worldwide
Ministry: Outreach and discipleship


Valentin FamilyJoe & Bonnie Valentin - Bible Translation

Mission Agency: Bibles International (Baptist Mid-Missions)
Ministry: Bible translation project manager

"...Uttermost parts of the earth..."

Rest of our missionaries are spread around the globe in Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe.

CoelhosRoberto & Patricia Coelho – Sao Paulo, Brasil

Mission Agency: Baptist World Mission
Ministries: Church planting and training nationals


FlinkDavid & Kristi Flinck – Antofagasta, Chile

Mission Agency: Gospel Missions of South America
Ministry: Church planting
Website: Flinck Family


GonzalesAries & Rachel Gonzales – Munoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Mission Agency: Independent Baptist Missions for Asians
Ministry: Church planting


Nicholson FamilyJoe & Abbie Nicholson – Abergele, Wales, United Kingdom

Mission Agency: Gospel Fellowship Association Missions
Ministries: Outreach and discipleship
Website: Nicholson Family

Rose PyleRose Pyle – Philippines

Mission Agency: Baptist International Missions, Inc.
Ministry: Deaf School Administrator


Restrepo FamilyRafael and Mary Restrepo – Spain, Cuba, and North Africa

Mission Agency: AMG International
Ministries: Church planting, youth and children's ministry, home Bible studies, and discipleship
Website: Restrepos' Ministry 

SlobodianSam & Amy Slobodian – USA/Russia

Mission Agency: Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries
Ministry: President of BIEM
Website: Slobodian Family


Francis & Susan Teodoro – San Carlos City, Rizal, Philippines

Mission Agency: Independent Baptist Missions for Asians
Ministry: Church planting